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Metroid: The Shaktool
Title: The Shaktool
Category: Gen
Rating: G
Game: Super Metroid
Spoilers: Mild spoiler for a sidequest puzzle
Length: 350 words
Prompt: "I'd like to see a good fic about the events of Super Metroid."
As soon as the corroded iris ground closed behind her, Samus realized that she was not alone in the small chamber. The pile of debris in back unfolded into a mechanoid with two long and multiply-jointed arms, each one terminating in a toothed excavating wheel. It began a slow circuit of the walls in a hand-over-fist fashion, using its own body as a pivot. She carefully stepped out of its path, still training her gun on it in case it became actively hostile.
Her suit's computer did not recognize the design. That, combined with the mechanoid's heavily encrusted body and excavating teeth worn down to nubs, suggested that it could be very ancient. It certainly looked older than the chamber. Zebes Colony had been built and rebuilt in successive settlements over its long history, with many t
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Metroid: OMG HAX
Title: OMG HAX
Category: Gen, Parody
Rating: PG-13 (Language)
Game: Super Metroid
Spoilers: No major spoilers
Length: 350 words
Prompt: "My favorite subject has always been: Ridley, just after a battle with Samus, contemplating his inability to defeat a simple human and dealing with the consequences of his failure."
~=MR_KRAID=~: d00d there weak
SamusAran: Whatever. Where's the baby metroid?
r1dl3y: liek its in the next room
SamusAran: Shit.
~=MR_KRAID=~: u fell for it twice 8D
SamusAran: Yeah I'll kick his ass again like on the Ceres map.
r1dl3y: LOLOL
r1dl3y: no i let u live
~=MR_KRAID=~: yeah
r1dl3y: stfu n00b
* |MotherBrain| (madrecerebro@bdl.tourian.zs) has joined #metroid
|MotherBrain|: wuts up ppl?
r1dl3y: hey qt
~=MR_KRAID=~: a/s/l
r1dl3y: fuk u thats my gf
|MotherBrain|: im not ur gf
r1dl3y: not wut u said last nite LOL
|MotherBrain|: stop making shit up
|MotherBrain|: ill tell the ops
SamusAran: That's a warning r1
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Samus Composite by mental2 Samus Composite :iconmental2:mental2 2 6 Pepelatz WIP by mental2 Pepelatz WIP :iconmental2:mental2 12 2 Vitruvian Samus by mental2 Vitruvian Samus :iconmental2:mental2 12 6 Ico: Don't Look Down... by mental2 Ico: Don't Look Down... :iconmental2:mental2 0 0 Ico: The Queen by mental2 Ico: The Queen :iconmental2:mental2 9 4
Ridley Muses
Ridley lay spread-eagled on the volcanically heated tile, relishing the warmth soaking into his bones.  A lengthy surface mission had left him feeling chilled and sluggish.
Unlike many reptilian species, he was capable of maintaining his own body temperature, but he still found it draining.  He was getting old, he reflected.  Ridley pressed his chin into the floor to feel the heat on his throat as his metabolism slowly spooled up again.
Basking usually helped his digestion too.  Earlier that day he had spent some time hunting, devouring a whole clan of squirmy little mammals.  A scavenger by nature, he could eat pretty much anything, but dead things (or worse, the protein ingots the pirates provisioned him with) were less satisfying than a real, bloody, squirming meal.
Things were better without fur, he thought, but he'd been having too much fun to take the time to skin them.  They were pretty small, anyway -- it would have be
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Eh, I haven't had much to post really.  Been busy with things other than art.  But I am going to try and get back into the art thing this month.  Really this time.


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